Outreach Program with South Cemetery in Makati

One of Upgrade Energy Philippines’ core values is taking care of our environment and paying it forward to our community. In line with this, we conduct a quarterly outreach program in partnership with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) or Social Organizations. For this, we have chosen Manila South Cemetery as our partner.

Manila South Cemetery is 25 hectares and is considered one of the largest cemeteries in Metro Manila. It has a total capacity of 371,490 graves as of July 2018. There is a community of people who live in the cemetery, and most of them set up accommodations within the grave site. Approximately 300 families are living inside the cemetery. Upgrade Energy together with Copylandia Foundation, started the feeding program that is close to our office in Makati. Volunteers were responsible for buying and preparing the ingredients, cooking and packing, hosting games and keeping them company. 

This is our first outreach and we have learned so much from them. The community welcomed us with warm smiles and participated in our activities. We ended by befriending them and experienced fun-filled memories. 


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