Outreach Program with St. Arnold Janssen Kalinga in Tayuman

One of Upgrade Energy Philippines’ core values is taking care of our environment and paying it forward to our community. In line with this, we conduct a quarterly outreach program in partnership with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) or Social Organizations. For this, we have chosen St. Arnold Janssen Kalinga as our partner.

St. Arnold Janssen Kalinga is a community-based program which is a sanctuary for many in the area of Tayuman, Manila. This program seeks to go beyond addressing only one of the many local and national social issues such as poverty and hunger. Its objective is to change the lives of the unfortunate in a holistic manner. From this vision, the Kalinga Center’s three phases were born- this hopes to regain the self-image, self-respect, and self-worth of our beneficiaries. 

We gathered a lot of sponsors to donate used clothes, food, toiletries and toys. And started the program with Zumba, followed by games for both kids and teens. We then lined them up for their lunch that consists of vegetables, meat, and rice. We then splurged them with cotton candy for their dessert. It was a fun activity for us and for them that immersed ourselves in their situation.


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